Presales Professionals

Get the training and guidance you need to become SIX HABITS CERTIFIED

Elevate your Career and Maximize your Income

Become viewed as a TRUSTED PARTNER

  • Sought after by Sales; Revered by Customers
  • Respected by Colleagues; Recognized in the Industry
  • Learn to prioritize the TEAM over SELF
  • Put the interest of the CUSTOMER FIRST

Master the Art of DISCOVERY

  • Learn how to get prospects and customers to open up
  • What questions to ask and how to ask them
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Getting to the unfiltered truth and sorting out the noise

PREPARE for meetings with Focus & Intention

  • Lead with the customers' objectives not your product
  • Focus on value & outcomes over features & functions
  • Build stories making the customer the hero
  • Maximize return on time - do more with less

Make PRACTICE Harder than Game Time

  • Develop the discipline to practice with consistency
  • Do demo Dry Runs with other team members 
  • Hold yourself and others accountable
  • Learn to give constructive feedback, respectfully

Confidently PERFORM in the Moment

  • Speak with confidence, professionalism, and style
  • Keep your audiences engaged - whether online or in-person
  • Navigate difficult situations; handle difficult people
  • Inspire decision makers to take action and close more deals

Consistently Seek to PERFECT Your Craft

  • Build a feedback loop into sales process
  • Make EVERY sales engagement a learning opportunity
  • Learn to accept and admit our mistakes
  • Look for ways to make the TEAM better

Ready to Catapult Your Career?

  • TakeĀ Your Relationship withĀ Sales to a New Level
  • Master Technical Discovery
  • Plan for and Design Compelling Demos
  • Learn How to Emphasize Business Outcomes
  • Develop the MVD Mindset (Minimum Viable Demo)
  • Answer Questions with Conviction
  • Achieve the Technical Victory with Predictable Consistency
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